Congratulations and 2 user questions if I may please?

So first we must start with the credits where they are due.

Those who subscribed to the old forum, may recall I observed that more effort had to go into core product stability and less into “pretty GUIs”

I kept having to revert every update of the last RUTX11 I had to 00.07.00 to keep the mission critical VPN and other services running.

At firmware 00.07.03 - I gave up - and just left it on 00.07.00 - the last good (from my perspective) stable firmware for the feature set I needed.

As the vehicle the X11 was deployed into was off road for some months and 00.07.06 was available I thought “Why not try again?” . I took a backup, and reflashed keeping the legacy configuration.

This was my first successful upgrade from 00.07.00 where all mission critical functionality “just worked” . As soon as the update was completed the VPN established.

Well done Guys - some product maturity! not easy in open source development - It wasn’t perfect (I will come to that) but The X11 will go back into the vehicle where others have migrated to other vendors.

This brings me to my 2 questions:

1) Since the RUT955 pre 00.07.xx the status page for OpenVPN has hardly ever displayed the correct connectivity status and my X11 is similarly affected even on 00.07.06 - even though the VPN works 100% and I know the connection is up as I have the 2 IP adresses displayed.
I see a lot of posts about it but rather than be just a “me too” I would like to understand why this continues to be an issue?. Is it simply an OpenWRT matter? (For example - a third party component that you depend upon and the maintainer isn’t interested?) or is there some other reason that this issue persists release after release? I would have expected that as the summary page is one of the first things a new user looks at there would be a keenness to squash that bug once and for all? Or at least for Teltonika to have published some form of work around? Please let me know.

2) I need to connect a USB powered SIP ATA to the USB port on the X11 - what is the maximum permissible current that can be drawn from the X11 USB please ? do I perhaps need an externally powered hub to ensure no issues ?

Many thanks



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