Configuring TRB 245 with AWS IOT

I am trying to connect TRB 245 with AWS IOT core for monitoring energy meter
Energy meter is connected to RS 485 of TRB
I am unable to find documents related to configuration
Please provide some configuration examples for the same



For AWS IoT Core, we have a configuration example here.

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Thanks sharing the link of configuration example
By following this document I am trying to configure Modbus RTU, but getting below error
while testing Modbus Serial Server and Client Configuration
“Failed to test request. Modbus service might be disabled”

Can you please share some working example configuration of Modbus Serial Server and Modbus serial Client for RS 485 implementation?

Thanks in advance!
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There is an article for Modbus TCP master here, but it should be similar to RTU. The difference would be the serial settings such as baud rate, data bits, etc.

The specific error you are getting is likely due to the fact the the ‘test’ button is not available because the service is not running. Basically, you just need to press ‘save&apply’ on the requests configuration page. The Window will close, and you will need to press ‘save&apply’ again on the Modbus Serial Client page. Now, the service should be running and you can edit your Modbus configuration and use the test functionality with your modbus requests.

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