Configuring Teltonika RUT without routing functionality


I am configuring a Teltonika RUT240 to act as an OpenVPN client in the customers network. At the moment I have remote connection using a 4G SIM and the OpenVPN client can connect successfully through Mobile. Now I need the RUT240 to send its traffic to the local firewall to connect to the OpenVPN server instead of Mobile.

I thought about changing WAN to LAN, but then Mobile still remains as WAN.
Moving the LAN cable to the WAN port and configuring the WAN the same way as LAN, still leaves me without a connection to the LAN network.

Is there a way I can just use the LAN interface and have it forward traffic to the local gateway, in effect disabling the routing function on the RUT240?

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For this, you can simply connect the LAN port to your local gateway (firewall) and configure a static default route. For this, navigate to Network → Routing → Static routes add a route to via IP address of your firewall.

You may also want to set a DNS manually if you want your RUT itself to have internet access (assuming WAN interface is not available). In this case, access your device via CLI/SSH (username ‘root’) and add DNS to your LAN:

uci add_list network.lan.dns=''
uci commit
/etc/init.d/network restart

Also, in your specific scenario, it may be worth mentioning that you can configure your WAN port as a LAN port. You can find instructions here.

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