Configuring rut950 to use wifi whenever available

Good evening everyone.

I bought a reconditioned RUT950 for my RV vehicle (camper).

Now I would like to configure it to ordinarily use LTE mobile connection BUT to connect to a known wifi whenever available.

When I am traveling around there are usually no wifi available, BUT when I’m parking it at home there’s the one I have at home and when staying at camping villages there usually are some.

How should I configure it best to behave that way?

Thank you.


This could be done using the Failover functionality of the router.

First, configure the router as a WiFi client to connect to a known WiFi network. This can be done by navigating to Network → Wireless. Then click the SCAN button to check the WiFi SSID of your home.

After configuring it correctly, you can now navigate to Network → Failover. Enable both WiFi and mob1s1a1 interfaces and drag the WiFi interface to the top to make it as priority.
More information can be found here - RUT950 Failover - Teltonika Networks Wiki

What this does is that it constantly checks the high priority WAN source and if it’s not available, it will transition to the 2nd one, (in this case, the mobile WAN interface).

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