Configuring Interface based VLAN

Hi, I have been trying to configure Interface based VLAN on RUT950, After configuring one of the port as tagged (wan), IP was assigned only once for that particular interface, Im not able to ping, and again when tried configuring ip is not getting assigned, How to properly configure Interface based VLAN?


I suggest that you review this link which explains port-based VLANs and consider if that configuration aligns with your requirements.

Additionally, kindly inform us about the purpose behind opting for an interface-based VLAN setup in your network.

For your convenience, here is an example of an interface-based VLAN:

Could you explain and provide a screen shot of how you configured the interface-VLAN and send me the troubleshooting file RUT950?

To download troubleshoot file WebUI, System → Administration → Troubleshoot page.


The only way to reach a tagged port is to untag the same VLAN on another port.
You connect the computer/ethernet device to the untagged port in order for it to communicate on that VLAN. After that you should be able to reach the IP that you set for that particular VLAN interface.

You could however tag the network interface of your PC in order to connect to a tagged port on a switch, if your network card supports it.

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