Configuration of RMS for Multi-User Remote Support

Dear Team,

I’m very new in this subject.

As we are in the process of setting up remote support for our new line that comprises machines from various suppliers, all equipped with communication processors in the same subnet, we are exploring the use of RUT955 and RMS service for this purpose.

I have a couple of queries regarding the configuration of RMS for multi-user access:

  • Do I need to create separate user accounts for each supplier to enable them to access remote support for their respective machines individually?

  • How can I assign access permissions to each user to ensure they can only interact with specific PLCs relevant to their machines?

Your guidance on configuring RMS for multi-user remote support, specifically in terms of managing user accounts for different suppliers and granting access to specific PLCs, would be greatly appreciated.

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  • To allow users to manage only their devices, you should create separate user accounts for each person.
  • You can assign roles in RMS under Administration → Users. You can select a role from the provided list or create a custom role with your desired permissions.

This wiki page should be helpful and provide more detailed information about RMS users.

Please let me know if you have any more questions regarding this topic!

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