Config Wireguard

Hi guys !
New in this forum and also new to Teltonika routers .
I need help , and I need it urgent .
I need to configure a Wireguard VPN in my RUTX11 so all the connected devices connect through the VPN to internet .
Ive got a config file ,but its hard to follow when I dont know where and what to put this parameters :wink:

Is there a friendly soul out there who might have a guide that I can follow ? Or just a step by step guide ?

Kindest Regards

Tried for a week on RUTX50 and failed. Could not find a single usable guide, Proton had a look at configs and said “bugger them, we don’t know how to make it work on it”. If you get something, post link here - I’d love to make it work!

Post your config files, hiding all the sensitive fields (keys, public IPs …) I’ll try to help you.

This is how i got it running on rutx50 with success

Tailscale on rutx50

Install Tailscale

opkg install tailscale
opkg install tailscale

Configure firewall

Add at the bottom of

config zone                                                
    option device 'tailscale+'                             
    option name 'tailscale'                                
    option src 'wan'
    option input 'ACCEPT'                                  
    option forward 'REJECT'
    option output 'ACCEPT'

Its so strange , its a config file for a client /peer so its not much data in it

PrivateKey =
dns =
Address =

PublicKey =
AllowedIPs =, ::/0
Endpoint =

So I dont know how to configure the router . And where to put the figures I have. Iam a NOOB :wink:

Go to Services->VPN->Wireguard, add a new instance then edit it with the pen.

1 - In the General setup tab, set Private key to the value from the config file, idem set Address to the value from the file and set listen port to 51820.
In the Advanced settings tab, set DNS server to the value from the config file, set MTU to 1420 at most.

2 - Add a new peer instance, and edit it.
In the General settings tab, set PublicKey and Allowed IPs as specified
in the file and enable “Route Allowed IPs”.
In the Advanced settings tab, set Endpoint host and Endpoint port to the values from the file. Set “Persitent keepalive” to 25.

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