Company Data debited from one company but not assigned to the other

Since about a week one of our devices is offline and the VPN connection can’t be established.
I noticed that the company data is at 0 so I assigned company data to the company to which the device belongs. Said company uses parent credits from our company.
Unfortunately the company data worth two credits was never assigned to the company but debited from our credits. Where could the credits have gone and why is the company data still at zero?
Grateful for any help.

EDIT: I was able to solve the problem. I made a mistake assigning the credits to the company.


Since resolving this issue would require you to share some private information, I’m afraid we will not be able to help you on the public forum. Please contact your sales manager, reseller, or is neither of these is an option, please fill out the Contact Us form here: Teltonika Networks - LTE Routers, Gateways & Modems for IoT and our sales manager will help you out.

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