Communication between two LANs including one VLAN

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I’m fairly new to network configuration and try to establish the following setup:

LAN2 has much more devices connected behind switches and has several VLANs, but they are LAN2 internal and not of interest for the router. I intent to only forward VLAN 200 stuff to LAN1.

I have setup the 2 LANs:

and the VLAN 200 for LAN port 2 of the router:

With this I can ping both PCs from the router. However, I can’t ping PC2 from PC1. What am I missing? I also tried setting up static routes like this (the first entry is LAN1, the second LAN2:

Still no ping possible from PC1 to PC2.

Thanks for any help!


The simplest and probably most efficient way to achieve what you are trying would be to create a Traffic Rule that would allow forwarding from one LAN network to another. Here is a quick example of how such a rule is created:

By applying the rules provided in the example, you will be able to access the LAN from Adjust the IP addresses according to your specific case. If you also want to enable communication in the opposite direction, you will need to create a new rule with the IP addresses switched.

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