Communication between several networks connected to HUB VPN

I use several RUT950 to connect VPN HUB.

With my computer, using Open VPN, I can access all devices I want.

But: Can 2 devices in differents networks communicate between them?
(Device 1 <=>Device2 )

Device 1 ( behind RUT950_A
Device 2 ( behind RUT950_B
My computer used with OpenVPN.

Thank you


Yes, as long as the routes to both of the devices are added, and LAN forwarding is enabled, you should be able to reach the other clients:

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These settings are correct in our case.

But communication is not working.

For information if I use the ping from the RUT950 I can see all the network and all devices.

Thank you

So just to clarify, you can ping the PC from the RUT950@

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