Communication between PLC's & Ethernet devices

Hello Everyone,

I am interested to install PLCs at several sites, they are located at specific distance between each other and there is no infrastructure that enables us to connect via copper / fiber.

There is one Master PLC that should forward a signal to all other PLCs.

I need to make all these devices communicate each other like they are connected to the same LAN network.

What are ths possible ways using Teltonika ?

Note :

It’s possible to have static ip addresses for the SIM cards, if it helps here.

Thanks in advance !

Shouldn’t be a problem.

  • get SIM cards with staic public IPs
  • get RUT240/RUT241s (thats what we use, about 55 of them)
  • create port forwardings with the correponding IP addresses

You’re done.
Timelapse Admin
PS: can’t you just use a WLAN?

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