Collect SN/MAC address RUT240/241

Hi all

We’ve a lot of RUT’s out in the field, and now realise we need to record the SN/MAC of the devices.
Whilst we can send SMS messages to the devices, I’m wondering if there’s any way to request the router visit a url with these details.

I’m assuming the RUT knows it’s SN/MAC (mnf_info sn / mac shows the results), so an SMS sent to the RUT with something to effect of call http://websitetotest/getinfo.html?mobile=07777777777sn=12345678mac=a1b2c3d4f5

(in theory it would be http://websitetotest/getinfo.html?mobile=07777777777sn=%snvariable%mac=%macvariable%

Is something like this possible? With over 2000 RUTs in the field, getting to each one to determine these details would be a tall order. - Has anyone attempted something similar?

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you for reaching out!
I presume the devices are not added to RMS, thus gathering their details may require some work.
Perhaps you could comment of what services are enabled on the devices? This may help me determine what would be the most efficient method of gathering this information.
Additionally, if you have a direct access to our Helpdesk system, I’d suggest contacting us there, as private details can be shared there (no private messages are available on the Community forum).

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Hi Daumantas.

Our configs are pretty much default other than some port forwarding rules and use WAN port as LAN.
On 240’s it’s firmware 1.14.5. that is our standard for now.
VRRP is disabled, MQTT is disabled, no Open VPN config, No DDNS, default SMS rules, SMS gateway disabled. Not sure if there’s anything else that I can verify/check.
We do have a site to site vpn to the service provider, however we have no easy way to confirm when one is online or not.


In that case, I’d suggest contacting your supplier - they should have this information available since it is included when the devices are being purchased from us. Although determining the location of these devices will be a little harder. If you’re planning on using RMS, the location can be approximated using the adjacent cell towers.
Features like in your main query are disabled by default, as that would be a major security risk enabling access to such information from the public internet.

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Many thanks - I’ll ask to get the details from the suppliers and we can add in devices as we go and figure out which is which.

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