hey i want to make the modem sending me upload and download information every 3 days
its possible ?

my modem have asim and it can send me the data over the internet how do i secure such traffic ?


It would be great if you could provide a bit more information about your use case. For example, where do you want to send your data? What protocols should be used?

The devices have many monitoring and administration options. For instance, the options for RUT956 are available here.

One of the ways to collect and send mobile useage data to your server over HTTP or MQTT, would be to configure the RUT as a Modbus TCP server, then configure Modbus TCP client on the same RUT to read Modbus data from itself (mobile sent/received data). Then, send it do your own server via Data to Server functionality.

You can find the available Modbus registers for RUT956 here.

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I found python server side as my data receiver.

And i assume that my teltonika rut 240 and rut 955 can send me the required data

By the way i have 100 modems :smile:


In this case, configuring Modbus to read data from the device itself and then to send it to your python server via Data To Server over HTTP can be a good option. You can configure Modbus requests to get data from the device more frequently, and send it to your server less often. But this depends on your requirements.

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