Change ovpn-cert and custom firewall rule over ovpn-tunnel


is there a way to change the config from:

  • Firewall → Custom Rules
  • Services → VPN → OpenVPN → tun0 → “Client certificate” and “Client Key”

at once - without reload the firewall and/or the OpenVPN-Config?
Since I connect to the RUT240 router via the OpenVPN tunnel, it is difficult not to lock myself out.


If changing one of the settings from either menu would result in a loss of connection, I would suggest connecting to the device via SSH/CLI, and using UCI to change the needed settings. This way you can set all of the settings and then apply them all at once.
However, if you are changing the certificates, then UCI might not be the best choice. I would highly recommend having a backup plan of how to reach the device remotely since I assume it is not physically reachable to you.
Some options could be:

  • Setting up a different VPN service before changing the OpenVPN settings;

  • Using public IP of the device;

  • Use RMS;

Hope this helps!

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