Change operatorcode via sms

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I am looking for a way to be able to change the operator code via sms.
Some of my routers are having issues on some operators and that way I cannot acces them remotly anymore because they dont have a connection with the internet. They do however can receive sms so if I can change the operator code to one I know that works then I can access the router again.


The manual operator selection can be changed by sending an SMS with the following syntax:
[admin_password] uci set simcard.@sim[0].opernum=[MCC+MNC]

  • [admin_password] needs to be replaced by the password used to log into the device;
  • [MCC+MNC] needs to be replaced by the operator code (e.g. 52201)

Keep in mind, that this command will change the operator code for SIM1, if your device utilizes SIM2, use @sim[1] in the command.

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Hi Daumantas,

Thank you . The operator is now on “auto”. Do I first need to send a different command to change that to manual before I can change the operator code?


Could you clarify the firmware version that is running on the device?

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The firmware is RUT2M_R_00.07.04.2

The command I attached is intended to be used when manual operator is already chosen, it will simply replace the existing manual operator with the one specified.
Could you attach the SMS command you sent to the device? (with the password hidden)

Below the sms then i send to the router. But like I said. The router is on auto and not on manual. So it will not work then I think?

[passwprd] uci set simcard.@sim0.opernum=20404

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Apologies for a late reply.
If the device is currently set on Auto, you’ll need two uci commands:

uci add simcard.@sim[0].operator='manual'
uci add simcard.@sim[0].opernum='operator_number'

Afterward, if you’d like to change the operator code, the command will be

uci set simcard.@sim[0].opernum='operator_number'

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Hello Daumantas,

Thank you so much. I got it to work. I did have to change this line:

  • uci add simcard.@sim[0].operator=‘manual’
  • “add” needs to be “set”

after that i did the line:

  • uci set simcard.@sim[0].opernum=20404

And all is working now with the proper operator number.

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