Cant setup DHCP for interface

Firmware RUTX_R_00.07.06.3

I want to make a mesh with few RUTX

But I cant make interface to have a DHCP IP
its not a big deal but with previouse firmware it was possible


Apologies for the delayed response.

This change is intended. In v7.05, the interfaces were divided into LAN and WAN sections, as visible in the WebUI. This division aims for a logical separation between LAN and WAN sides. In this setup, LAN interfaces facilitate internet sharing with devices, while WAN interfaces acquire internet access. From this perspective, the LAN interface should not obtain an IP address, but WAN interface should be able to. Hence, it is possible to create an interface under the ‘WAN’ section, which would allow this interface to obtain an IP address via DHCP.

For your configurations, I would suggest setting a static IP address on the LAN interface.

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