Can't retrieve information about available firmware downloads

I’m operating on the RUT 240 device. FOTA is enabled and discover an update from RUT2_R_00.07.04.3 to RUT2_R_00.07.04.4. I can download the update through interface and apply for upgrading however, when trying to run rut_fota --fw_info command through SSH, I always get a [get_tap_info:135] error: Failed to load ‘device_management’ package error. Tried to search opkg repository for “device_management” and “device management” but there isn’t any such package. Is it a known problem and need to be addressed or did I miss something? I couldn’t find much about firmware updates or fota in the wiki.

    root@RUT240:~# rut_fota --help
    Usage: rut_fota [options]
    -i,      --fw_info          retrieve information about available firmware downloads
    -f,      --download_fw      download suggested device firmware
    -n,      --download_modem   download suggested modem firmware
    -p,      --notify_server    notify server after modem firmware download
    -k,      --upgrade_fw_keep  upgrade firmware with keep settings after download
    -u,      --upgrade_fw       upgrade firmware without keep settings after download
    -s,      --stable           download stable firmware
    -d,      --debug            enable debug mode
    -h,      --help             show usage information
    root@RUT240:~# rut_fota --fw_info
    [get_tap_info:135] error: Failed to load 'device_management' package
    root@RUT240:~# rut_fota -d --fw_info
    Starting communication with FOTA server
    Connected to
    Connected with SSL
    [get_tap_info:135] error: Failed to load 'device_management' package
    Sending buffer of size 248
    Decoded fw_info         length=17 and value=|RUT2_R_00.07.04.4                  |
    Decoded fw_size         length=8  and value=|11207640                           |
    Decoded wiki            length=1  and value=|�                                  |
    Decoded date            length=19 and value=|2023-07-04 05:40:56                |
    Decoded modem_id        length=3  and value=|1-1                                |
    Decoded modem_ver       length=31 and value=|EC25ECGAR06A04M1G_01.004.01.004    |
    Decoded modem_size      length=1  and value=|�                                  |
    Decoded modem           length=1  and value=|�                                  |
    Decoded fw_stable_info  length=1  and value=|�                                  |
    value[0]=� (-1) fixed - set to 0
    Decoded fw_stable_size  length=1  and value=|�                                  |
    value[0]=� (-1) fixed - set to 0
    Decoded stable_wiki     length=1  and value=|�                                  |
    Decoded stable_date     length=1  and value=|�                                  |
    Communication successful

I’d like to create a simple shell script and use the existing cron job for searching for updates and to be informed about them in the way I choose in the script.


The update does seem to be found:

The device management seems to only apply to TAP100, and should not be relevant in this case. If no update is available, the command rut_fota --fw_info will only return the get_tap_info:135 error and nothing else.

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Additionally, I’d recommend using an ubus call to check the firmware state using the command:
ubus call vuci.system.firmware get_fw_info
Package jq can be downloaded from opkg, and it can be used for parsing the JSON output.

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