Cant ping RUT200 through the ZeroTier VPN

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I have configured a newly purchased router with ZeroTier VPN. i am not able to ping this router through the ZeroTier VPN IP though the router is online on the ZeroTier Portal.

Router firmware version: RUT2M_R_00.07.07.1

Kindly advise.


Have you been following the configuration example we have on our wiki page here ZeroTier_Configuration? If not, give it a try, as following it should guide you through smoothly. If you’re still encountering any issues, feel free to reach out again.

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First thing to turn off would be “Allow global IP” I guess as this is not commonly required and only to be activated if you know exactly what you’re doing.



@TeWe is correct. It’s better to leave this option unchecked for basic configuration. Enabling it allows ZeroTier managed IPs and routes to overlap with public IP space, which can cause interference if not needed.

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