Cant enable monitoring after turning it off on my RUT955

On my RUT955, I turned off the monitoring and then wanted to enable it.

I turned it back on from RMS but it never came back.

Then I logged into the local portal and went to System → Cloud Solutions → RMS. I clicked on reconnect and got a fail in the Connecting field.

I have plenty of credits, and other devices are able to use monitoring.

I have network connectivity to your server

I have the latest firmware.

I see this when i login via ssh

Your JFFS2-partition seems full and overlays is mounted read-only 
Please try to remove files from /overlay/upper/... and reboot!

There was a failed install of python so a cert could not get written.

Mon Apr  1 21:59:12 2024 daemon.err rms_mqtt[5368]: [apply_auth_certs:117] error: Unable to write certificate '/etc/rms_mqtt/ca.crt'

Fixing my own problems is great. Hope anyone else can make use of my wasted time.