Can't connect to X10 via ethernet

Hi all - I’ve installed a RUT X10 and configured it via a LAN port. Added a guest WiFi network, set up passwords, etc. WAN port receives Internet traffic and broadcasts over WiFi just fine. However, I can no longer connect to the device via the LAN - ping, WebUI, all inaccessible. Any clues?


Does this device has been added to a Teltonika RMS? since you can try access the WebUI from there, as well as exporting the troubleshoot file for the engineers to check.

One way to check the settings is by accessing the device via SSH.
But, as you mentioned, the device is not pingable as well.

As an end user, the way I would fix this is by factory resetting the device itself and configure it again.
To do this, just press and hold the reset button for up to 5-8 seconds.
Instruction is based on this wiki article - RUTX10 Device Recovery Options - Teltonika Networks Wiki


Firstly, I would like to inquire whether the device is currently operational. Are you able to connect to it via Wi-Fi, and are the LED indicators blinking?

If the device is indeed operational, I want to ask if you are you trying to reach device via LAN port once you are connected to that guest network? If so, then please disconnect from guest network and try to reach device via LAN port again.

If that didn‘t helped, please attempt to connect to the device’s Wi-Fi network (not the guest network) and if connection is successful, try to access the WebUI.

If you have an RMS account and have added this device to it, kindly verify whether the device is listed as active. If it is active, please attempt to establish a connection through RMS. You can generate WebUI access link on our RMS platform just like it is showed in this wiki article : Remote WebUI Access - Teltonika Networks Wiki It‘s important to note, that Web interface is updated and shows a little bit different than in this wiki article.

Also, I would like to kindly inquire about the IP addresses assigned to both your LAN and the created guest Wi-Fi network. It’s possible that an IP conflict may have arisen if you’ve used the same IP address range for both the guest Wi-Fi network and the LAN or WAN network. For instance, if you’ve set all three interfaces to use, then there is indeed an IP conflict, and it’s advisable to make adjustments either to the LAN or guest Wi-Fi network IP addresses.

If your LAN is configured with the default IP on the network, it’s a must to use a different IP address range to your guest Wi-Fi network, such as Please be aware that using the network range is not advisable, as it’s reserved for hotspot functionalities on our devices. Additionally, take a moment to check the IP address assigned to your WAN interface. Typically, it uses DHCP protocol. If the WAN IP falls within the same range as the Guest wi-fi network, it’s advisable to modify the guest wi-fi interface’s IP address for optimal functionality.

In response to Michael’s reply, I would like to clarify that, for security reasons, it is not possible to upload a troubleshoot file to this forum. Additionally, I kindly request that you refrain from uploading any screenshots displaying personal information, credentials, MAC addresses, or public IP addresses.

However, Michael suggested one last troubleshooting step you can try – restoring the device’s settings to factory defaults and then attempting to reconfigure it. When you are configuring guest wifi network, please follow this tutorial: How to set up a guest WiFi network on RUTX - Teltonika Networks Wiki

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