Cannot reset TRB140 with button


I have a TRB 140 with a “VIAMETRICS” logo on it. I bought it second hand for a proof-of-concept. It doesn’t reset to factory settings via the button. Is there a custom firmware on this type of TRB140? Or did the previous owner disabled the function?

How do I reset the device?

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There are 3 ways you could use to reset your TRB140:

1. Via the reset button:
By default, you need to press the reset button for at least 5 seconds, then, the device will perform a factory reset and reboot.
The previous owner can’t disable the factory reset function, but he can certainly change the default reset button hold time value (5 seconds). In this case, please try to press and hold the reset button until all 5 signal strength LEDs lighten up, then you can release it to perform the factory reset.

2. Via the device’s WebUI:
Please login to your device WebUI, go to System=> Backup=> Restore default settings and click on the RESTORE button at the bottom of the page :

3. Via command line interface:
Please login to your device via SSH and execute the following command: firstboot
After this, you will be asked to confirm the reset. If you’re sure, type the letter y and press “Enter”

More information about TRB140 Factory reset can be found here.

Please try this and let us know if the issue persists.

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Thanks Ismail, but I don’t have the admin password for this device, I bought it second hand.
Is there any other way to reset the device?

Hello Fringilla,

The device you have in hand does have a custom Firmware made specifically for VIAMETRICS, which is why you can’t access it using Teltonika’s default admin password.

Unfortunately, we can not provide the admin password for this specific device, since it would be considered confidential information and should be shared only by the company itself - VIAMETRICS

I would recommend contacting the previous owner and double-checking with him whether this device was supposed to be sold, if so, he should have provided the required credentials or flashed (installed) a standard firmware onto the device.

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Thank you very much Ismail. I’ve contacted the seller, he doesn’t have the admin password. He also bought it second hand but never used it.
Is there a procedure to flash the gateway with the original firmware?

Hello Fringilla,

Apologies for the delayed response.

Unfortunately, all methods used to update TRB140 devices firmware do require authentication with admin password (That should have been provided by the previous owner).

If you manage to get the devices admin password, you can refer to this wiki page to see how you can update the device’s firmware.

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@Fringilla Hey, you could try another way. The procedure is documented on the old forums and all of the provided links seem to be functional to this day:

There is a risk that device might get “soft-bricked” if the attempt goes wrong at some point. Also, there are some cases where antivirus software intercepts the fastboot procedure (step 8 and 9) in a way where it appears to be permanently stuck at “writing” status.

In addition to that, there are some extra nuances, but they do not generally appear unless the machine you’re performing this recovery from is relatively locked down (in terms of permissions).

Anyway, if you really need to get into your device management and you’re ready to get your hands dirty with this atypical recovery procedure, that is one of the few ways to return your TRB to a regular firmware version.

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Thanks for the reaction. I tried this but unfortunately it did not work.
Maybe I can recover this hardware using the second method, with the BIN files.
Does anybody know where to find this files?
The MEGA links don’t work anymore.

"Recovery using BIN files:

[OFFICIAL][TOOL][WINDOWS] ADB, Fastboot and Drivers - 15 seconds ADB Installer v1.4.3 | XDA Forums → Install this first

1.Turn off/unplug TRB14x;
2.Press and hold reset button, at the same time plug the power cable and keep holding reset button for about 5 seconds (mobile signal LED’s should start blinking);
3.Use cd command to navigate to the place where you saved the tlt-rootfs-trb1400.ubi file (Example: cd C:\Users\ma.ju\AppData\Local\Temp);
4.Then use this command: fastboot flash rootfs_a openwrt-mdm9x07-trb1400-squashfs-legacy.bin
5. When it completes the process use this command; fastboot flash rootfs_b openwrt-mdm9x07-trb1400-squashfs-legacy.bin
6.Then use this command: fastboot flash boot_a trb1400-kernel.bin
7. When it completes the process use this command; fastboot flash boot_b trb1400-kernel.bin
8. When it is done unplug and plug your device again, it should boot up as normal
9. Install the latest software through WebUI.

TRB BIN Files: File folder on MEGA"

One way I’m aware of is to download appropriate file from here and extract it using 7zip or some similar software:

Once this .bin file is extracted, you should be able to see three files - kernel, modem and rootfs file. Try running the commands you’ve got against these files and see if you can push that firmware version to your TRB. If all three files succeed then you should be able to login to a clean device after power cycle and then upgrade it to a newer firmware version without worries.

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Thanks! Going the BIN route was the solution! Thanks invalid_route.

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