Cannot create Http/s remote connection


I am trying to set a remote http connection with my router , however http or HTTPS is not available after clicking scan. Other ups connected have already this option . Tried manually but nothing shows up on connecting screen

Is there any chance please to enable these ports on a specific IP address so I can finally connect to my router ?


By default, remote HTTP/HTTPS access is turned off. To enable it, please follow these steps: go to System → Access Control → WebUI and activate both “Enable remote HTTP access” and “Enable remote HTTPS access”. This should resolve your issue.

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Thanks for the info , sorry but I am. Newbie and using rutx web Interface

May you please describe steps for this version ?

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The path to the described setting should be the same on almost all versions of firmware, except for the legacy version. Nonetheless, I have attached a screenshot that should better explain how to navigate to the desired setting.

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