Cannot Access a Traffic Camera, Port Forward Issue

Hello. I have RUT-955 modems that I have used in remote locations for traffic cameras. I thought that I had set the modems to allow cameras to be accessed through 8080 but I have used 2 of these 3 modems and only one seems to work. I use the 8080 port to access the camera (http://[public IP redacted]:8080). But 2 of these modems do not work. I do not know if it is a modem setting or if the camera does not work. One of the modems did work after I updated the Firmware, but the other two, no luck.


When I am testing port forwarding, I check first if I can reach the end device locally. Then, I configure the port forwarding rule on the router. It should be something similar to this:

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Thanks for the advice. I did my settings similar to what you entered but still cannot access camera. Is there a way to check on modem if camera is connected? I know that the camera is plugged into modem (port 1) but not sure if there is a way to check if camera is functioning, or if I have a setting in modem set incorrectly.


If your camera is having IP automatically, then you can go to the RUT’s WebUI to check DHCP Leases. It will be on Status->Network->LAN.


If the camera is set to obtain an IP address automatically via DHCP, then please check if the device has received an IP lease as @just.here2help mentioned.

If you have a static IP address configured on the camera, make sure that you have configured a default gateway as well. The gateway should point towards RUT955 LAN IP address. For example,

Also, if you updated the device with ‘keep settings’ option enabled, and the above does not help, try resetting the device to factory default settings in System → Maintenance → Backup. Then, reconfigure the device again.

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