Can the RUT955 trigger a relay if it loses comms with another RUT955?

I have one RUT955 getting modbus data from another. Is there a way to have the RUT955 trigger a relay after a short delay if it cannot reach the other? Maybe a script that checks for a changing value?



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Could you please explain your situation in further detail so that we can see the best possible solution?

There is a case similar to yours that may help you as well, on link below:


One RUT is a modbus master. The other RUT is a modbus slave. If the master is able to talk to the slave, trigger a relay on the master. If the master cannot talk to the slave, after so many seconds, turn the relay off.

Hello @graybricks,

In this requirement will be requiring a custom script since using the Modbus Alarm functionality will be not able to do this request. Maybe playing with ubus calls for modbus_client and ioman can achieve your requirement.

Tip: ubus -v list modbus_client and ubus -v list ioman.relay.relay0 may be helpful for this.

I hope it helps


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