Can FMB204 Exit sleep mode using DIN2?

Hello community,

i have an FMB204 installed in my boat and during the winter period that boat is not in operation, i have set my FMB204 to go in Ultra Sleep Mode in order to save boat battery.

In order to exit USM i have use DIN1 to ignition according to manual and that is working fine.

In my installation I also use DIN2 as a sensor attached to my outboard engine in order to be notified in case someone try to steal the engine by removing it.
DIN 2 is always connected to GND and if the cable is cut, the notification is generated.

this is also working fine while the device is awake.

My only problem is when device is in USM. According to manual, FMB204 can only wake up from USM using DIN1, so in this case i’m not protected.
Is there any other way to configure FMB204 in order to wake up from USM using also DIN2?

If this is not possible by configuration, is there any alternative workaround to suggest?

thank you in advance!


Only DIN1 and movement, detected by accelerometer, will bring device out of Ultra Deep Sleep.

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