[Bug] rutx 07.05 openvpn status incorrect


I have an Openvpn server on a debian machine.

I have a teltonika rutx that is client of this server. The configuration is site to site.

Without describing more precisely my configuration, here is the behaviour that I face :

On the server, I can see my client’s tunnel (by sudo cat /var/log/openvpn/openvpn-status.log . I also can ping the rutx client and machines that belongs to its distant network.

On the client, in an ssh terminal, I can ping my openvpn server, and machines that belongs to its network. I can also do it from machines behind the rutx client.

To resume : everything works fine. BUT: on the teltonika web interface, it says : openvpn client’s status : disconnected.

My trutx version is 07.05.3

Similar bug is appearing here : Teltonika Networks - Teltonika Community

I can confirm that, when you have a router in a remote place without anybody on site (IoT…) this is a big problem as you cannot reset it and reconfigure it remotely…




I can confirm this behaviour at rutx09, 7.05.4. Vpn working correctly but status in web page is wrong. Config client status: disconnected and config is not editable : wrong config. I’m using a ovpn config file.
Something seems to have gone wrong with the update from 7.3?

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