Bug: RMS disconnects WebUI when Call Utilities changes are applied

Using device WebUI through rms.teltonika-networks.com breaks the WebUI connection when Services > Mobile Utilities > Call Utilities settings are changed (through Save & Apply) on the router.


Pressing reload does not help and the device becomes Disconnected in RMS after the failure.
Device Uptime is not affected (i.e. it does not reboot) but it does reset the mobile connection (i.e. new WAN IP is assigned).

My router: RUTX50
FW: RUTX_R_00.07.06.10


After making changes in the mobile utilities configuration, the mobile service reloads. During this reloading process, the router may experience a temporary disconnection from the internet, resulting in the “Connection unsuccessful” message and your RUTX50 appearing offline in RMS.

As for the issue with the “Reload” button not working, I have reported this to our development team. For now, the only suggestion I can offer is to create a new link to reconnect to the WebUI. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

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