Bug in RUT955 running 7.6.3?


We have a RUT955 running 7.6.3 and there seems to be a bug in the IPSEC section. The IPSEC shows Disconnected, however, when we check with CLI using ipsec status - we can see the IPSEC is Established and Installed. Traffic is also flowing over the IPSEC tunnel.

root@RUT:~# ipsec status
Shunted Connections:
passth_IPSEC_4G_c_lan: === PASS
Security Associations (1 up, 0 connecting).:
IPSEC_4G-IPSEC_4G_c[1]: ESTABLISHED 4 seconds ago,[myidentifier]…[]
IPSEC_4G-IPSEC_4G_c{1}: INSTALLED, TUNNEL, reqid 1, ESP SPIs: cb0a4a80_i bd7cbfbf_o
IPSEC_4G-IPSEC_4G_c{1}: ===

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It seems like there might be a browser cache issue. The data might be stored and not updating correctly. To resolve this, you can try disconnecting your device from the computer, then delete the cache.

Additionally, you can reboot your router. Afterward, plug the router back into the computer, and this should solve the problem.

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Hi Marijus,

I rebooted the RUT955, opened the RUT955 in a different browser and tried incognito - however, it still remains disconnected.


I added a new IPSEC instance BLANK, but closed the configuration screen and clicked on Discard. I now have a second IPSEC instance named BLANK. Strange enough, this one is active and uptime is also adding up.

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