Bug in RUT2_R_00.07.06.11 on RUT240

There seems to be some kind of bug which prevents outbound traffic after reboot.
Not sure, but it seems to have started after enabling mobileon mobileoff by serial number with a whitelist of permitted users.

In the first instance, for some reason enabling masquerading immediately resolved the issue. The 2nd time, masquerading was still enabled and I eventually got it going by issuing mobileon, then mobileoff, then mobileon.

The 3rd time after a reboot, it eventually resolved on its own.

Now, the 4th time on power-up this morning, it’s been 25 minutes and is still blocking data. However, from the troubleshooting menu, I can ping the address by name without issue. However, client devices cannot ping the same domain. The name is resolved but traceroute shows the packets stop at the default address

I will now do mobileon. Interesting. After about 40 seconds, pings began working. Now I will do mobileoff. At first, I got name resolution but no reply, just like after reboot, but that then changed to no name resolution and traceroute returned unknown host.
After another mobileon, operation returned to normal. So, it would seem that when the router reboots, something is causing it to act as if an SMS mobileoff has been issued.

Well.!! I agree with you.


It’s intriguing that such random methods can solve the issue, but I’m still curious about why it happens. Do you have a complex configuration? If so, try backing up your device, performing a factory reset, and conducting a connectivity test. This way, we can determine if the problem lies with the device/modem or in the configuration.

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Hi, there was nothing at all complex there. The router was unpacked from a box of ten brand new routers, firmware upgraded to the latest in two steps. The SSID was set up, one to three clients periodically connected. The problem vanished when I renewed the data option from the cellphone company. As mentioned, before renewal, I could not ping from the LAN side, but I could resolve DNS. I could totally ping from the WAN side using the router’s internal ping tool. I assume it had something to do with the extremely low bandwidth available until I renewed. After this situation was resolved, the modem was later reset and reconfigured because of the missing SMS utilities. When the data runs out again, I’ll see if this problem comes back.


Please let me know if this issue happens again. Also, remember to take a troubleshoot file after the issue occurs.

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Hello Marijus,

I am experiencing what looks to be a similar issue with an RUT240 after upgrading to RUT2_R_00.07.06.11.

I can no longer connect through RMS portal to the router. Currently no data available from this location. SMS is still functional (including PW so basic user config seems intact).

Response to [status] = all normal (WAN IP is assigned, data connection state = connected, good signal strength etc).

Response to [monitoring_status] = monitoring disabled

Command [monitoringon] sent (not listed in the wiki but seems set in our RUT240’s)

Response to [monitoring_status] = Monitoring - enabled; connection stat - Disconnected; (failed to resolve hostname)

I have attempted multiple commands found on the wiki to force RMS connection but all have been without success so far. However I am afraid these commands are not set / enabled by default in our RUT240’s (checked other devices).

We use these routers to monitor and send data from remote locations with limited access, making it quite a challenge to send someone out to troubleshoot.

Service technicians that get sent to these locations are experts concerning what’s behind the router but have little specific IT knowledge (same applies to me). This makes troubleshooting difficult and often the easier choice is made to perform a factory reset and reconfigure the router. But we seem to be getting this a lot lately and it is becoming very time consuming to send technicians out just for this.

Before sending out a technician that is likely to just reconfigure the router: what specifics should I ask the technician to try before making the more radical decision to reconfigure? What logs should he attempt to retrieve in an effort to enable Teltonika to troubleshoot?

Any pointers including “dummy-proof” instructions are more than welcome.

Hi, I’m curious if this will change anything for your situation: Send mobileon command, wait 3 minutes, send mobileoff wait another three and then send mobileon again and see if it clears. It will be strange if that works because in my case, the problem happened after powering on. But if this RMS problem happened immediately after upgrading without power cycling, then maybe reboot causes the same condition. The first time it happened to me that data flow stopped, I was able to clear it immediately by turning on Masqurading in zones. But it happened again subsequent times while that parameter was on.

Hi bobcov,
thanks for your suggestion.
This morning the router seemed connected to the RMS portal again. I was able to connect to it again, so I never got to try the mobileon/off commands.
I added the sms utilities / rms commands that were missing on this router so I have more options in case the problem reoccurs.

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