Bug fix request: DHCP leases static addresses

Dear Teltonika
having RUTX11 on latest fw version, when browsing /status/network/lan, it came to my attention that devices having assigned static IP address (correctly, according to my config in /network/dhcp_servers/static_leases), the page does not recognize them as statically assigned. Further investigation revealed this is due to difference between lower case and upper case in the MAC address.

The button on right side indicates in example 1 that static lease already exists (true, correct).
In example 2 the button is available, despite the static lease is already configured.

  1. ** 38:42:0B:99:D5:16 ** is recognized as Static lease, because Static lease page is also configured in upper case:

  2. ** 54:2A:1B:5C:30:BC ** is not recognized as Static lease, despite configured (and IP is assigned according to static lease config) - but in lower case

Fix suggestion: case-insensitive check.


Welcome to Teltonika Networks Community !

Thank you for your interest and time in letting us know of this issue.

It has come to our attention too, and yes currently the MAC address validation for DHCP leases is case sensitive. However, there are plans to change this in future firmware releases.

Have a great day !

Clive Pinto

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Thank you, Clive. Brilliant.

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