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I have a TELTONIKA RUT951 and i can not configure. Could you help me?
I have a WIFI called GPS ( with a ASUS ROUTER. DHCP SERVER and internet ACCESS)

I have the TELTONIKA RUT951. I want that TELTONIKA connect to WIFI GPS. I want that the pc that it is connected to the teltoinka picks the IP from the ASUS ROUTER.


TELTONIKA: Connect to ASUS WIFI. IP No DHCP server
PC: by wire to the TELTONIKA: IP 192.168.1.X
PC: by wifi connected to the TELTONIKA: IP 192.168.1.Y

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sorry my firmware is R_00.07.05.4



If you’re connecting a Teltonika router to an Asus router, it’s crucial that they operate on different subnets to avoid conflicts. Because if they are on same subnet(192.168.1.x/24), then Asus routers DHCP gives Teltonika router another 192.168.1.x/24 address for it’s WAN. And if router has same subnets on it’s LAN and WAN, it can lead to several issues related to routing and network address translation (NAT).

To resolve this:

  1. Disconnect from the Asus router’s WiFi.
  2. Set the Teltonika router’s IP to
  3. Reconnect to the Asus router’s WiFi.

Alternatively, if you prefer both routers to have 192.168.1.x addresses:

  1. Set the Asus router to with a Subnet Mask of
  2. Set the Teltonika router to with the same Subnet Mask

This ensures they are on different subnets while sharing the same 3rd octet.

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