Bridge LAN and WAN


I have several RUTX10s and I am stuck on “the bridge” or “relay” between the interface (LAN – ethernet) and WAN (WIFI)

WAN : connected SSID – GALBTTGI : use :

If I leave the WAN in DHCP, it assigns me an IP in 10.87.112.X/26, which leads to the loss of an IP
In order to manage my equipment, I want to keep the range 10.87.112.X/26 on the LAN side
I use RUTX10 because some of my equipment does not have WIFI

I want to create a bridge between the LAN and the WAN to use a single IP address that I will have indicated statically on the LAN but which will be used on the WAN to connect me to the WIFI antenna (which is not a RUTX)



The LAN of RUTX10 needs to be on a different network than the WAN. WiFi WAN bridging is a little more complicated than wired WAN, and a configuration example can be found here: RUTOS relay / Wi-Fi extender / repeater / bridge configuration - Teltonika Networks Wiki
Let me know if any further help is needed.

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