Bootloader file download link RUT905


I have an old RUT905 which I need to be reused.
|Product code|RUT90507R040|
| — | — |
|Batch number|0001|
|Hardware revision|0202|
|Ethernet LAN MAC address|00:1E:42:13:5F:52|
|Ethernet WAN MAC address|00:1E:42:13:5F:53|
|Wireless MAC address|00:1E:42:13:5F:54|


| — | — |
|FW version|12.00.02

Bootloader is in ver 1.0

## Firmware

Current Firmware Information

|Firmware version|RUT9XX_R_00.06.09.5|
| — | — |
|Firmware build date|2023-05-19, 05:46:01|
|Kernel version|3.18.44|
|Bootloader version|1.0.0 Update needed [Download]|

Please tell me where I can find bootloader file, it need to be upgraded.

Thank you!


Apologies for a late reply.
The bootloader on your device is too old to be updated, and the latest firmware version that can be used on this device is 06.09.5. Bootloader files are no longer being provided, as they are simply not necessary for the devices that can run the latest firmware.

Best regards,

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