Blocklist seem to have moved in RUTOS version 7.x.x

We have 10+ RUT950 which quite often block access to/from HTTP/HTTPS to/from the device. We are now planning to disable the block feature entirely, but in order to do this we need access to the blocklist via CLI. In RUTOS 6.x.x the blocklist was located here: /etc/config/blocklist - but this does not appear to be the case in 7.x.x.

Can someone from Teltonika share where/how to unblock IPs via CLI in RUTOS 7.x.x??


Ok, so I did some digging and I found out where the block is happening. It has been embedded in the IPtables now it seems.

So in order to wipe the list you need to clear the ipset called “ipb_port” (in our case). There are also a set called ipb_only_ip.

So I did:
ipset flush ipb_port

I could then access the WEBUI interface again

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Another way to disable the IP blocklist could be by running the commands
uci set ip_blockd.@globals[0].enabled='0'
uci commit ip_blockd
/etc/init.d/ip_blockd restart

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