Blocked from WebUI

I have a RUTX50 where I have been blocked from logging in as admin in after I entered wrong password too many times

I now have the correct password but cannot access the Login page at
How can I repair this?

Greetings, Olof

By default, Teltonika routers block IP if the password was entered incorrectly more than 10 times.
You have a couple of options here:

If you are actively using a SIM card on the router you can use SMS utilities to unblock the IP list.

On your device from which you are connecting to the router - set a static LAN IP address that will be different than the blocked one before, by default DHCP range is from to So setting the static address should be fine and the default gateway should be reachable again. After successfully logging into the WebUI,
you will be able to clear the blocked IP from the Access Control section.

A Most simple way would be to use the reset button on the router, but you would lose your current configuration.
How to do that you can find here :

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