BAT 120 Outputs lower voltage then advertised

Hi Community,

did anybody buyed a BAT120 and have the issue that RUTX50 is not working with it, because the voltage is too low?
Even when I fully charge the battery it only outputs 9.4V without load.
But this seems too low for the RUTX50 to work properly. (I guess the voltage drops under load more, but I can’t measures this right now, because I don’t wanna cut wires for warranty reasons)

Shortly the behavior of the RUTX50 connected to the BAT120:

  • It starts booting
  • It will complete the boot so you get DHCP and 5G connection up and running
  • After that (I guess) the other services like VPN starts and ingress the power that is used
  • shortly after it the BAT120 shutdown with some blinking LEDs
  • after that, the BAT120 is dead without any light for around 30secs
  • then it starts again and the procedure starts from the beginning

What I would expect: The BAT120 can output 12V without and with a load.


The load BAT120 is supposed to handle should be sufficient to power the RUTX50. Additionally, BAT120 is capable of delivering 12v under a load. However, in this case, it seems like the BAT120 might be faulty and require replacement. Please contact your reseller or Teltonika representative if you bought directly from Teltonika, and we will initiate the RMA process.

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