Barely any network connectivity with TRB256

background: I set up my TRB256 with a t-mobile sim card (via google fi) and this antenna. I live in the US, and all of the bands that T-Mobile has are supported by this device.

problem: I connected my laptop to the device. I can successfully access the web interface. But the only website I can load is example dot com, anything beyond that times out.

Here is what I see:

As you can see, even a ping has 20% packet loss!

I don’t know where to start debugging.

  • Is this a faulty device? For some reason, the box had a sticker that said “pilot batch”. Could it be that I need an actual production run? (The device is gray, and not black.)
  • Is this a bad antenna? My cell phones (on the same provider) have great 4G connectivity so I don’t understand why the TRB256, with an external antenna, should have such poor reception.

Any advice much appreciated. Thank you.


The TRB256 is a unique device that uses Nb-IoT/Cat M1 connection, a low-power cellular technology designed for the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) communications. Unlike other TRB1 series devices, the TRB256 is not meant to be a simple gateway. However, the latency you’re experiencing is unusual.

This issue could be caused by the generic Amazon antenna you’re using. Please try checking the device again with the antenna that was supplied with it. Since this is a pilot batch, there could be other issues, but we need to first determine if the antenna is the problem.

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Thank you for your response.

The device came without any antenna. I bought the device here and contacted the supplier, and they said that the device came without a power supply or an antenna (they were adamant). How can I source the proper antenna in the US?

The reason I picked the TRB-256 is because it had all the US bands and looked like it could act as a simple gateway. If there is a better device that comes in a US edition and can act as a simple 4G gateway (no routing needed), then I could try to return the TRB-256 and get my hands on a better unit.

Thank you.


The TRB2 series is designed for specific industrial applications and is not ideal for everyday use as a gateway. I recommend the RUT241 router instead. While it costs a bit more, it offers reliable performance and additional features like WiFi, Ethernet ports, etc. Just be sure to choose the North American version.

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