Ban list on the devices


Which sms command can i send to check if a device has a ban list on them and how can i remove the ban list from a device remotely by sms command

Hello Evan,

Good day! It is possible to check the Black List Operators from the device using the getparam command. Keep in mind that device can Black list up to 50 Operators, thus you need to check one by one of these Parameter IDs to confirm if the device has ban list.

getparam 5500
getparam 5501

getparam 5549

Meanwhile, for removing the Ban List you may use setparam command. In this case, you need to set the value to 0 to remove the ban from this operator listed. Parameter IDs were the same as mentioned on the getparam command.

getparam 5500:0
getparam 5501:0

getparam 5549:0

Lastly, SMS commands should follow this structure as stated below.

If Authentication is set: SMS login>space>SMS password>space>command
If no Authentication is set: space>space>command

I hope this helps.

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