Avtex985/Teltonika 950 Issuesj

I have the above router installed in my motor home.
I am constantly getting issues with it hanging needed rebooting but only After doing an internet search. It seems to ‘break’ the router and i get the message DNS could not be found. If i restart the router it will then find the page. If i do another search, the same thing happens.
Using Windows laptop (3 different brands)
It will play YouTube videos, so i know the router and sim both work…there’s this conflict with websites.
Please explain how to resolve this as Avtex don’t have a clue.
We are aware others have had the same issue so please tell us the solution

Sounds like a really bad connection.

Can you make sure you have the latest firmware version installed on your router?

RUT950 Firmware Downloads - Teltonika Networks Wiki

Are you sure your antenna connectors are sitting properly and are tightened?

APN settings are correct or set to ‘Auto’'?

Can you share a print screen of


Please find attached 3 screenshots. The first is the mobile status required. The second shows the Avtex firmware which is over 2 years old. If I click update then it says I have the latest version. The third just shows that the AMP is set to auto.

I see.
Somehow I have an issue with this MTU=1500 setting on the last print screen.
Can you leave this field empty to use a default value and if not, try a lower value like 1420?
Does this make a difference?

In my RUTX50 this field stays empty:

Also, it looks like you can use original and up-to-date firmware for a RUT950:

Firmware on a "rebadged" router ? - Crowd Support Forum | Teltonika Networks

RUT950 Firmware Downloads - Teltonika Networks Wiki

Most probably through Bootloader Menu:

RUT950 Device Recovery Options - Teltonika Networks Wiki


I recommend contacting Astex about this issue. Since it’s their custom product, they are using different antennas and maybe other hardware.

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