Auto sms reply on data cap

Hi, currently running a rut950 with data sim. There is a cap on the datasim i would like to know if anyone has an idea to create an auto sms reply on reaching a certain data cap.

For example, after usage of 5GB, send an sms with the text xxxx to number xxxxx

Then after data usage of another 5GB send an sms with the text xxxx to number xxxx

Looking forward to any ideas.


You can set the data limit and enable an SMS warning for it in Network → WAN → edit Mob1s1a1 → Mobile data limit section. When you activate the SMS warning, you have the option to define both the data limit and the threshold for sending the SMS warning. It’s important to note that you can configure only one SMS warning. For instance, if you set a total limit of 10GB, meaning the data connection will be restricted after reaching this limit until a reset period, you can also specify the device to send a warning when, for example, 8GB of data has been used.

More information is available here.

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Above solution is not going to work.
You need to be able to configure the text. (Something like send “extend” to 1234)
currently i try to do it with RMS but no success.
would be nice if you can add multiple rules (like at 4.5gb send extend5. at 9.5 send extend 10)

My workaround is to forward all incoming sms messages to my mobile number. so i know in time when i need to login and send the activation sms. however that isn’t a great solution since i need to manually interevent


Since there is no way to configure this, I would suggest one of the following:

  • Create a script that will run every minute (or a few minutes) using Crontabs and check how much data was used. If a certain value is reached, then SMS using the gsmctl command with your custom text. The command to send SMS is:
gsmctl -S -s "<NUMBER> <TEXT>"

For example:

gsmctl -S -s "0037011111111 hello"
  • Create a new SMS utilities rule with custom script action. In this case, the script would be a simple gsmctl command to send custom SMS without any other logic. So now, when you get a notification about the data limit, you can send back an SMS to a router and command it to send a specific SMS.

There are quite a few examples on this forum that show how to use crontabs, create SMS utilities with scripts, send SMS messages, script examples, etc. So if you are interested, I suggest you take a look at those topics using the search functionality.

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