Auto selection of bands

Hi, I need to know if there’s anyway that when the bands are too saturated to change to another one wether i preselected it or indicate them in order, or automatically to the one that can carry more data, it would be great to know if it can be possible for them to evaluate at 1st or test them constantly to know wether they can pass more data.

I need a solution like this asap, saturation is really making it not great at the moment.

I have currently setup ping/wget reboot and also it has failover on, but idk if it’s the best for this.

Thanks in advance.

Or if I can choose based on what minimum amount of data passes gets reconnected to other band, open for a solutions in this matter.


We haven’t implemented the solution you mentioned. I’m unsure if using the ping/wget reboot function would be helpful in this scenario, or if failover, which switches to another WAN source, is what you meant. Alternatively, did you refer to SIM switching?

Regardless, to implement this, you’d need to create a script that consistently monitors data throughput. Based on this monitoring, the script would decide whether to switch to another band. However, keep in mind that changing bands requires a full modem reboot, and it’s unclear if this solution would be sufficient for you in this case.

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Hi! Is there anyway you could help me out with the script?

I use the automatic reboot and failover in order to restart the modem so it can switch to another band or create micro connections and disconnections.

I don’t know any other solution than that by now. I don’t know what other info I can provide, but one main thing that makes me thing is that these equipments aren’t good for example when the car is moving, I have tried them, didnt work very much (car moving) is it related to this?


To simplify your tasks, you can make use of the following tools:

  1. Navigate to Network → Mobile → General → “Low signal reconnect.” Here, you can specify the RSSI value at which the modem should reconnect and set a waiting period before reconnecting.
  2. In Network → Mobile → General → SIM card settings, find “Bands selection.” Here, you can manually choose the bands that provide a better overall experience based on your preferences.

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