Auto reboot RTU240 Not Working

I enabled auto reboot on the Teltonika RTU240, however it does not appear to function properly when the router’s internet connection is down. I’ve also enabled ping reboot on the router. According to the setup, the auto reboot capability is used to reboot the entire router without depending on the system’s internet connection. But I’m not sure if the auto reboot will work if the router loses internet connection. Can anyone confirm that the router’s auto reboot does not operate when the internet connection goes down?


There are two types of auto reboots available: Ping/Wget reboot and reboot scheduler. The ping reboot offers several action options, including a complete device reboot or a reboot of internal modems. If the device fails to ping the configured host according to the Ping reboot settings, it will execute the specified actions, such as rebooting the entire device.

On the other hand, the reboot scheduler allows you to schedule reboots at specific times, regardless of whether there is an active internet connection. However, to avoid any potential issues related to inaccurate time, it is recommended to ensure that the device’s time is synchronized. This synchronization can be achieved in Services → NTP .

More information on auto reboot functionality can be found here.

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