Auto answer sms function via the modem or router

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Is it possible to get the 4g or 5g modems to auto send /answer sms ? What i need is to auto amswer sms from teleoperator when i hit daily maximum in GB as after that i need to amswer sms to use more data above daily limit in 5gb increments. I have so called unlimited mobile data but after 20GB per day the have this shit where you must answer sms to use more data after the first 20gb and obviously its untenable to have to remove sim card from the Teltonika modem/router and put it in a phone to answer this sms then re insert sim card in the modem for every 5gb


  • SMS messages can be sent from the WebUI in Services → Mobile Utilities → Messages → Send Messages tab.

  • Auto replies can be configured in Services → Mobile Utilities → SMS Gateway → Auto Reply tab. This feature can be limited to a list of custom phone numbers.

  • There was a similar case here. I would recommend reading this post and potentially implementing one of the suggestions mentioned there.

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