AT&T Sim card - Operator State: Denied

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We recently sent a global RUT951 over to a customer as a replacement to another remote access device that was previously installed. We set the device up and sent it from the UK over to the USA. The customer inserted an AT&T sim card but got an error that the operator state was denied and could not get a connection to the internet, therefore no remote access for us. The customer reached out to AT&T and stated:

“I have spoken with the at&t rep for the corporate account and he had told me that there are 3 APN settings. They no longer allow new teltonika devices on their network but you may be able to get it to work with one of them.”

The customer also confirmed that they “checked the IMEI but it comes back incompatible.”

He attempted manually adding those 3 APNs but none were successful. We got a temporary connection via a hotspot and I could confirm that the mobile connection was not functional.

  1. I have seen other topics on the teltonika forum, and the resolution seemed to be a teltonika representative contacting AT&T to register the IMEI with them, is that necessary in this case?

  2. I have no experience with the teltonika having problems such here in the UK, why is AT&T presenting this issue, is this going to be a problem with every teltonika we send to the USA as a gateway for remote support?

  3. Is there a way to make this a non-issue, such as presenting the IMEI of the device when a sim card is purchased, or how is this issue negated?

Thank you anyone in advance for any help or guidance you can lend.


Generally, AT&T is known for being strict about the things you mentioned. Before dealing with them, it’s important to investigate AT&T approved devices.

Global versions of routers don’t always guarantee that they have all the necessary certifications. In this situation, it’s recommended to use the RUT951A***** router, as it’s certified for use on AT&T networks. You can find more information here: RUT951 AT&T - Teltonika Networks Wiki

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Hello Marijus,

Thank you for your response with this matter. Okay for future reference we know that for AT&T we ought to look at the RUT951A***** router.

However in this instance, we already have the global router on site. Can you advise is there anyway that this device can become functional? As suggested in point 1 of my post, is it an option to register the IMEI with them, or is that not possible with the global router?

Are there networks in the USA that will function with the global router that we have sent out?

Can you also advise is there a list of known exceptions for the global router, so we know in future which networks require special attention?

Thank you for your assistance.


Registering the IMEI with the carrier won’t benefit you since the router is not certified with American carriers like AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mobile.

When considering global versions of routers, it’s essential to verify if the router’s certificates comply with the requirements of specific regions. Different regions have varying certification and testing requirements, making it challenging to provide precise guidance. In most cases, it’s advisable to use a region-specific router initially.

For more information about RUT951 certifications, please visit: RUT951 Certification & Approvals

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