AT Command to reset trm250?


I’ve got 2x trm250 which I have trouble working with.

Is there some kind of persistent memory on the trm250, and if so, is there a possibility to do a complete scrub / factory reset ? Or is it all in the SIM ?+

I’m unable to connect to any network, even the ones where a roaming accord does exist between the operator and another one (in 2G) and it doesn’t see the operator network in the other case. AT+COPS gives me a 3 (net forbidden). I tried to clear the operator blacklist, but I’m unsure where I am (and before inserting a completely brand new sim card in the trm, I wanted to be sure the trm was completely clean of any change I might have done, if any).

Thanks !


Thanks for reaching us.

AT command to set all the parameters to manufacturer defaults

AT&F [value]

0 = Set all TA parameters to manufacturer defaults

I recommend that you look into the link thread below, which may be of use to you.


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