Application binary installed without opkg


I’ve copied over a binary application to a router (RUT956, at /sbin/myapplication and launch it using a service script in /etc/init.d/.

There is very little space remaining on the router by default (haven’t installed any packages, just fresh firmware install), about 2-3 MB. My application is about 1.5 MB.

The application runs fine. But when I make an update to it and need to replace the binary the router often runs out of space, stopping the copy operation at midpoint resulting in a broken application. This happens even though I am replacing the old binary (writing to the same path). As I understand it, this is due to the overlayfs filesystem; but I don’t know much beyond that.

I’ve wanted to avoid creating a custom ipk in interest of time and due to the fact that I am having a lot of trouble building even the default RUTOS despite following documentation to a tee. But if I can manage to do that then this will probably solve my issue and make installing/updating robust?

Appreciate any input you can give me on this.

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