App Teltonika VPN doesnt connect to hub

Dear Team, i can´t conect my iphone to hub using Teltonika RMS VPN App, i have 16.6 (20G75) IOS version installed.
An update of the app by the developer is necessary.


Could you please clarify if the issue is only specific to the RMS VPN App on the IOS? Are you able to connect to your RMS VPN Hub from other devices?

What kind of error do you get?

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I can connect to the vpn hub with pc and work correctly, but not with my iphone.
on the iPhone VPN connections screen shows:
Teltonika VPN - Update required.
Developer has to update “Teltonika VPN” so that “Torrent(63259)” can connect

This message does not allow me to upload screenshot images

Sorry, this has been going on for a week

In the Teltonika VPN App i can disable and restart hub, and show the connection status and online since time correctly, but when i try to connect, the switch doesn’t turn on, and on the ios system vpn connections screen i get the message that the developer needs to update the app.


Thank you for providing the information. I will reach out to the appropriate department to inquire, and I’ll keep you informed as soon as I receive any updates.

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