App access not possible after Upgrade to *.06

After Upgrade to the newest Firmware my app on the iPhone cannot connect to the router anymore.

Via browser I can connect.

Does it need an special connection type enabled to connect via app?

iPhone is connected via WLAN and ip-adress is configured in settings. to connect.

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Thanks for reaching out.

Please try doing a firmware upgrade to the latest “7.6”, you can find the firmware file on link below

Note: Before doing the firmware upgrade we would like you, to take a copy of the device’s backup and troubleshoot file in order to secure a copy of your current configuration.

  • You can upgrade the firmware on the router following below:
    WebUI > System > Firmware > Update firmware > Turn off keep settings option > Upload the firmware


Note: Doing the firmware upgrade without “Keep settings” option ON will wipe out all existing configurations, and device might lose remote connectivity. Therefore, it is advisable to perform the firmware upgrade when the device is physically accessible to you or if you can ensure remote access through RMS or SMS Utilities as backup access.

The web interface is not the problem, only the App cannot connect anymore after the latest update.


Thank you for reaching out; we understand your concerns about the application. Given that the latest version was released four days ago, we will notify our Research and Development team about this issue.


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