Antennas for RUT955 and RUT956

Dear expert. I have RUT955 and RUT956 installed on the buses. The internet is always intermittent . Please advice us what antennas could be deployed to get a better network connections in the buses. Can we deploy OMNI-402? Thanks


Apologies for a late response.
While OMNI-402 is a suitable antenna for RUT955 or RUT956, it is quite big and might not be the best fit for a moving vehicle.
From our lineup, I’d suggest using COMBO MIMO MOBILE ROOF SMA ANTENNA, which is much more suitable for operations on vehicles.
From Poynting, I’d suggest checking their lineup of antennas for vehicles:

  • PUCK series;

    • PUCK-2 model if only LTE connection is needed;
    • PUCK-4 if LTE+GNSS is needed;
    • PUCK-5 if LTE+GNSS+WiFi is needed;
  • MIMO-4 series;

    • MIMO-4-15 if LTE+GNSS+WiFi is needed;
  • MIMO-3 series;

    • MIMO-3-12 if only LTE is needed;
    • MIMO-3-13 if LTE+GNSS is needed;
    • MIMO-3-15 if LTE+GNSS+WiFi is needed;

Hope this helps!

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