Allow Checkpoint VPN client traffic through RUTX50 firewall

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Please let me now how can I configure / allow Checkpoint VPN client traffic through RUTX50 firewall as it causes VPN client a failure to authenticate and the VPN tunnel to be established.

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May I know first what is the RUTX50 role on your requirement? Is it a VPN client as well? or just a facilitator of the connection between 2 VPN clients?

If you wanted to just allow the traffic on RUTX50, then this can be done by configuring a traffic rules.

Select ‘Advanced’ mode in your WebUI (can be found in the top part of the WebUI).
Navigate to Network → Firewall → Traffic Rules. Then create a new instance by selecting ‘Add new forward rule’ as the type and choose the zones.

Once done, make sure to drag the newly created rule to the top to ensure that it will get prioritized.

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